Monday, December 6, 2010

My Minute Survey

assalamualaikum semua..
uhhh kena tag lagi...
My Minutes Survey
Instruction: Once you are tagged,answer all the question honestly..

Person who tagged: Eezance
Starting time: 1.15 pm

Name: nora
Full Name: nora amila
Siblings: 1 out of 6
Eye colour: brown
Shoe size: 8
Hair: black
Height: oppsss sorry i'm not sure...
What are you wearing right now: tshirt and track suit
Where do you live: perlis
Favourite number: 8
Favourite drink: tea ice
Favourite month: august
Favourite breakfast: bread

= Have you ever =

Broken a bone : never..
Been in a police car : of course no... hehehhe
Fallen for a friend: no... i think..
Fallen for a guy / girl in a short period of time : sometimes.. hehhee
Swam in an ocean: hurmmm... no hhahaha...
Broken someone's heart : i don't think so..
Cried when someone died : of course hehhee..
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : sometime.. hihi
Saved e-mail: Yes, the most important one only..
Been cheated on : yes... haha

= What =

Your room look like: my personal place... hehhe
What is right beside you : table..
What is the last thing u ate : maggi.. huhhh...

= Ever had =

Chicken pox : yes
Sore throat : no
Stitches: yes
Broken nose: no

= Do you =

Believe in love at first sight : hurmmm... yes
Like picnic : of course...

= Who =

Who did you last yell at : my brother... hhahhaa...
Who was the last person you danced with: never do that.. hahhaha
Who last made you smile : my bestfriend...

= Final Question =

What are you listening to right now?
i don't listening anything... hahhaa

What did you do today?
blogwaking... hahhahaa

Are you the oldest?

Indoor or Outdoor?

= Today did you =

Talk to someone you like?

Kiss anyone?
of course no..!!

sometime... hehehehe

Talk to ex?
hurmmm... sometime ago... but we still friend...

Miss someone?
no.. i guess.. hehhe


= Last person who =

You talked to the phone:?
my friend, dila...

Made you cry?
my sibling.. hehe

Went to the movies with?

You went to the mall with?
sometime with my mum... sometime with my friends..

Who cheered you up?
my friends...

= Have you =

Been to Mexico?

Been to USA?

= Random =

Have a crush on someone?

What books are you reading right now?

Best feeling in the world?
happy.. hhahaa

Future kids name?
i don't know... hurmmm

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?

What's under your bed?

Favourite sport(s)?
chess and bowling

Favourite place?

Who do you really hate?
crowd and mess

Do you have a job?
i'm full time student.

What time is right now?
1.30 pm

p/s: With however long it took you to complete this, post as "My Minute Survey" and tagged 15 people.


Cik SHiNJU said...

Salam Nora...

Ok,nanti saya buat..huhuh..
Tengs :)

nora amila ghazali said...

okeh2... hehhe

elnino moona said...

wah kena tag..
tenkiu nora..

byk plak solannya tuh.. mgalahkan exam spm.. hahaha

jap lg buat ek..:)

eezance said...

salam.. hee.. ;) nice.. kte ada persamaan jugak ye.. :D

nora amila ghazali said...

elnino: welcome... tu la banyak... hehhehe.. buat yer...

eezance... ya ka.. ehehhee

elnino moona said...

da siap!~..hehehee

nora amila ghazali said...

ok.. nnti nora jenguk...


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